SK Ecoplant to supply advanced fuel cells to Irish data center

时间:2023-11-29 02:56:20 来源:피망 슬롯 머신

South Korean energy and environmental solutions provider SK Ecoplant said Monday that it signed a partnership with Lumcloon Energy, an Irish power generation firm, to supply solid oxide fuel cells for a new data center in Castlestown, Ireland, marking a step toward greener energy utilization in European data centers.

On Thursday, SK Ecoplant had a signing ceremony with Lumcloon Energy to integrate fuel cell technology for a new data center located approximately 80 kilometers west of Dublin. This initiative not only includes fuel cell provision but also extends to shared efforts in renewable energy sectors such as solar, hydrogen and energy storage systems.

As data centers consume roughly 18 percent of Ireland’s electricity -- a figure projected to climb to 30 percent by 2028 -- fuel cells are gaining attention for their ability to provide efficient energy generation in compact urban spaces, presenting a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

"The first fuel cell-powered data center in Europe will be a great model for future data centers that combine the latest technology with eco-friendly solutions," said Simon Coveney, Ireland’s minister for enterprise, trade and employment.

SK Ecoplant's strategic partnership with US-based Bloom Energy since 2018 has been instrumental in enhancing its green energy portfolio. Bloom Energy’s SOFCs, or solid oxide fuel cells, which represent the third generation of fuel cells with exceptional efficiency, are particularly important in this venture.

Tasked with the development, financing and construction aspects of the fuel cell project, SK Ecoplant’s partnership with Lumcloon Energy is expected to make new inroads into the European market for data center energy solutions and renewable energy applications.

"This cooperation will lay the foundation for providing eco-friendly energy solutions, including fuel cell business, to Ireland and perhaps even Europe," said SK Ecoplant President Park Kyung-il.